6 Kasım 2011 Pazar

New Blog & Our "Unfocused Group" Philosophy

By unfocusing qualitative, we do not mean free flow focus groups.

What we mean is unfocusing from “what they have already decided for” & Focusing on “how people make decisions”.

Why do we believe in “how” before “what”?

Because there is no absolute measure of worth for the human brain.

The human brain thinks in benchmarks. Thus when the research defines the benchmarks / the set of brands, it defines the borders of thinking.

For example, participants will assess a brand of chocolate only by comparing it with another chocolate. A research program, which makes the consumer think only in a limited reference framework (chocolate with chocolates), cannot generate "out of the box" insight.

That's why the vast majority of Turkish brand managers think they will hear the same things again and again in any of the research studies conducted.

We unfocus when we remove the present focal reference points and make them think in wider reference space. We may ask the respondents to compare an electrical vehicle in a reference set of household electrical appliances.

We unfocus when we “heat up” the respondents.  Standard focus groups tend to study preferences at times the respondent is far from the need state. We insist on eliminating the “cold state” with our creative projective techniques before we ask any brand related question.

We unfocus when we know that people reflect on their decision heuristics & biases. We know shoppers sub-consciously use a short cut strategy to make a shopping trip less laborious. We try not to make the customer “overthink” on the decision moment but rather make him/her think on how the shortcuts were formed.

We unfocus when we focus on the behavior we want to change rather than an attitudinal measure such as brand preference.

We unfocus when we frame the problem in terms of the behavior we want to change.

There are 100 FutureBright creative ways of unfocusing but in a nutshell we unfocus when we do not see our research as a delicate instrument, it’s the human mind which is delicate for the creative researchers..

Research is now ready to take a completely different role for your brand. For most creative approaches, please follow our blog on regular basis.. 

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