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Our "Cannes Lions 2014 International Festival Of Creativity" Notes

Each year, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is anticipated with enthusiasm by creative minds from all categories around the world. This year’s festival took place between June 15-21. Once again, the festival witnessed rounds of applause for the most creative works upon being evaluated by numerous creative genii from technology companies, agencies, and brands.

This year at the festival, a new category award -Product Design Lions- was granted for the first time.
Turkey attended the festival with 437 works and brought home a total of eight awards: three gold, three silver and two bronze.

As Futurebright, we jotted down the latest trends in the marketing and communication world.

This year personalization, imposing relevant data on the consumer, and story telling were the trends that stood out. Here are some examples of successful cases:

The winner of the grand prize, ‘The Epic Split’ by Volvo Trucks succeeded in attracting the consumer by conveying product characteristics within the story.

Another successful campaign, ‘The Social Swipe’, designed to increase donations for Misereor, an organization that fights poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Billboards with credit card swiping parts were built for this campaign and a special software was developed to enable people to donate immediately as they swipe their cards. As they swipe the card, images related to the regions for which the donations are made, appear on the billboard. For example, a loaf of bread being sliced or a slave being emancipated...

Another fine example which has combined product function with technology in a simple application and transformed it into the main sentiment, is Nivea’s ‘Sun Kids’ campaign. Nivea has produced a bracelet that could be activated by entering a code into a phone application, for the children who go to the beach with their mothers. The bracelet warned the mother in case the playing children wandered away further than a certain distance.

Harvey Nichols’ ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ campaign won the grand prize by perhaps taking a risk with this egocentric work during Christmas season, which is a time when brands place their bets on sentiments of goodness and sharing.


1. Power of Stories
People make sense of life with stories. Even though coming up with quality marketing content and making a story of it is difficult, it is a good way of creating dialogue and increasing share on social media. The most favoured campaigns of Cannes 2014 present proof of the nonnegligible power of stories to ignite sentiments. Chipotle’s ‘The Scarecrow’ campaign could be studied as a good example of that.

2. Technology Changes The Game 
The speed of technology is mostly intimidating for people and full of threats for brands. In deed, this speed throws brands and categories into a contest where the most creative ideas are the ones to sow the seeds. This year Cannes had many examples from specially developed software to ideas that appear to have a very complicated background but in deed that are produced using quite simple technologies. British Airways’ ‘Magic of Flying’ campaign was a beautiful example where digital and the real world were successfully integrated.

3. Selfie Generation
The word selfie has marked the year 2013. Every consumer is in pursuit of being and feeling at the centre in this world of “self-claimed stardom” that was in fact initiated by technology and set loose by social media and digital platforms. One of the most important tasks brands have is to give the consumer what he is after without making him feel guilty. It was inevitable for the ‘power of Self’ to be reflected upon Cannes following this rush which made its peak with Samsung’s Oscar Selfie.

4. Forced Experience 
The festival hosted many successful campaigns which have achieved to transform product characteristics into sentiments by framing them and which have been able to apply brand promises through the product. The product experience became the advertisement itself. ANZ Bank of Australia was deemed worthy of the Outdoor Grand Prix upon becoming the main partner for the 8th Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras event in Sydney and transformed ATM machines into GAYTM machines contracting 10 artists. The operation fees obtained from cards of other banks other than ANZ at the GAYTM’s were donated to a non-profit organisation that provided consultancy to gays and lesbians.

5. Sentiment Wins
What is a brand other than the products and services it offers? Does it also provide its consumer with trust, freedom, creativity, or happiness? Communicating the main sentiment that the brand would like to have the consumer feel rather than its products and services was one of the most intelligent ways of winning awards this year. There were striking campaign ideas where the brand’s product or category were not even mentioned and the focus was adding value to the consumer’s life using the main sentiment. Coca-Cola’s ‘Happy ID’ campaign in Peru is an example. Coca-Cola observes that Peru is ranked 16th in the Happiness Index even though the people have many reasons to be happy (the country’s cultural heritage, nature and growing economy...) and encourages people to smile in their ID photos resulting in smiling photos in 90% of the official ID’s in the country.

6. Ability to Pinpoint The Right Touch Points with the Target Audience 
Some of the award-winning campaigns at Cannes used people who could be influential on the target audience’s life as drivers and some others highlighted the importance of the channel creating unexpected intersections and interactions. Australian train line V/Line observed that the children of rural families usually lived in the city and did not visit their families very often. The company’s awarded campaign ‘Guilt Trip’ was a prepaid ticket sent to these kids by their families. On each ticket there were messages that were written by families and that caused feelings of guilt. Backed by media, V/Line addressed kids through families and increased its sales by 12% with this campaign.

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