4 Ağustos 2015 Salı

Cannes Lions 2015 Highlights

Turkey brought back home 17 Lions including one Grand Prix from this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, which thrived thanks to many new category additions.

The fact that no awards were given this year in the Data Creative Lions category, which aims for the creative use of data, might be a good indicator that next year there will be greater competition in this field. Again a first this year: Glass Lions was positioned as the award of social change.

This award aims to encourage a more positive and progressive communication and it is going to be a hardcore category aiming to overcome social gender discrimination and the prejudices attached to it.

Just like in the previous years, the fact that data is a channel to reach “emotional content” was emphasized often this year. Considering that 90% of the Data in the world was created in the past two years, it is evident that marketers will be beating their brains out on data-based insights. At this point the recently introduced IoT (Internet of Things) and the increasing importance of wearable technologies in communications were highlighted.

The discussion was that the platforms that are considered as media (Tinder, Snapchat...) have evolved into spaces and the content will be the new format.


1. War on Clichés:

Advertising is not supposed to change people; it is supposed to change the way people see each other. The new award category Glass Lions is born out of this philosophy. Works in this field, were amongst “the most talked about” this year.

In a world where only 3% of the creatives but 85% of the purchasers are women, the role of the woman is still an open debate. This year among the campaigns at the festival Always Like A Girl  and I Will What I Want  opened the floor to discussion about the role of women in society in a striking way. A P&G brand that produces feminine hygiene products, Always, took the almost insulting “like a girl” expression, re-framed it as “doing the best you can do” in its #LikeAGirl campaign, and won the Grand Prix award in PR.

Another cliché-challenging example was AdCouncil’s Love Has No Labels  campaign. The campaign that said ”Love does not have a religion, a language, a race, an age or a gender” got a total of eight awards in the Cyber, Direct, Outdoor, Titanium and Integrated categories by communicating this in the simple form of “ We are all equals behind the X-ray”.

2. Even simpler:

Consumers do not want to express themselves anymore. That is why the definition of  “the experience of simplicity” is changing for brands. There were many ideas in Cannes this year, which drew their appeal from their simplicity. For example, Domino’s Pizza demonstrated that ordering pizza is as easy as tweeting a pizza emoji. This campaign brought Domino’s the Titanium Lions.
Another example of simplicty came from Smirnoff. By posting the instant picture of their refrigerators, consumers experienced that a Smirnoff bartender can come up with a cocktail recipe with any ingredient at hand. This campaign was awarded with a Promo and Activation Lion.

3. My weakness is my strength:

During the Super Bowl when the most magnificent ads are anticipated, Volvo did not advertise as opposed to its category competitors. who spent a total of 60 million dollars. On the contrary, it “stole” from its competitors’ ads. This was achieved by communicating that you could get a chance to win a Volvo by posting a tweet with a #Volvocontest hashtag every time there was an ad by another automobile on the screen. Over 2000 tweets per minute boosted the sales by more than 70%; the Direct Lions award they won came as the bonus.

4. Game Changing Technology:

In Spain, in order to protest the new article additions to the National Security Act and anti-terror laws without breaking the new articles, the citizens of Spain created the first ever-holographic protest in history by uploading their own videos, audio recordings and creating their own holograms. This marked a whole new dimension in the history of demonstration. The Holograms for Freedom campaign received the gold award in the Branded Content Entertainment category.

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