3 Ocak 2012 Salı

Rich Ideas Vs. Status Quo Research

Brand and advertising world is changing rapidly.

Brands do not approve communication ideas that are born to die.

An advertising idea destined to die in a year is very ineffective both in terms of capital invested and human resources utilized.

Marketing managers fighting with the crisis in the world refuse to be generous anymore.

The advertisers were for long time under the pressure from brands to re-think their methods. As it looks the revolution has already started.

If you look at the world acclaimed campaigns in 2011, you will see that they were not built over creative hooks (creative hook), but on real projects.

If an advertising idea is an end product of a creative process, project is just an input for something preacher to come.

 Project is not the end of a thing, it is just the beginning.

Ad campaigns have an expiration date.

Projects are fertile.

Thanks to the fertility the projects can live a long and prosperous in digital and other channels.

For example Pepsi’s Voice of Football” is among the most recalled projects in 2011.

Pepsi's 'Sound of Football' project lets visually impaired players see the pitch with their ears

What Pepsi says is if you want to “see” more of the world around you, you need to look differently.

So while the brands and communications reform, what is research doing?

Unfortunately the world of research is not as flexible as the world of marketing and communications.

Our industry has adopted Hyper-rationality as a single purpose of its existence. under these conditions reforms seem much more difficult for research industry compared to brands and advertising.

Lets park the fact that research lacks models to generate project ideas but research lacking appropriate models to test “rich ideas” is something we need to solve immediately.

In the new world where creative hooks are not the heroes, research needs models to test the fertility of an idea and the accumulation power of the same.

Ability to answer "How wide" or "how deep" instead of "how big " will revolutionize our industry.

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