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Being An Entrepreneur In Turkey

The big picture is not seen optimistic when Turkey’s entrepreneurship data is analyzed.

Only one of twelve entrepreneurs survive.

The worldwide slowdown in economic growth rates has provoked a dwindling of opportunities for new enterprises.

However, Turkey is a growing economy, has a large and youthful population and buoyant consumer demand, all of which are the important factors that encourage entrepreneurship.

GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) provides some evidence that a dynamic growth process in Turkey has started. According to research, 3.69% of the adult population in Turkey was actively trying to start a business (nascent entrepreneurs); 5.05% were owner-managers of a business that was 3-42 months old (new businesses).

However, the TEA (Total Entrepreneurial Activity) rate of Turkey (8.6%) is lower than for countries falling in the same income range as Turkey (Brazil 17.5%, Mexico 10.5 %, Argentina 14.5%), and lower than average compared with the efficiency-driven countries (11.7 %).

When Turkey’s entrepreneurship data are revised, the level of early stage entrepreneurship activity is 9%, which means that about 9 out of every 100 adults in Turkey are entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial pool was made up of about 60% opportunity-entrepreneurs and 40% necessity-entrepreneurs.

Although there has been an increase in opportunity-entrepreneurs, this rate is well below the average of the efficiency-driven countries (7.81%) and 17th out of the 24 efficiency driven countries.

Entrepreneurship across the world is under pressure. Entrepreneurial activity in Turkey has endured relatively well despite the present unfavorable economic conditions. In the short run, government regulation policy and the financing of new businesses are important policy objectives. In the long run, raising entrepreneurial awareness through the educational system should be a fundamental concern.

Turkey showed the greatest difference in gender for established business ownership, with a rate of one woman to five men owning matured companies.

The legal position of women creates a wider difference between genders in this area. To support entrepreneurship activities, opinion leaders come to Turkey from all over the world and consultations are being implemented with the support of Turkish Women Entrepreneurship Organizations and entrepreneurship programs.

Oncoming days bring a big necessity to establish a women point of view related to fashion, art, movie, media and internet sectors in order to build tangible and pleasing business models that satisfy especially female consumers.

Six Features Of A Successful Entrepreneur

1. Eureka! Technology

Entrepreneur is the one who meets technology before anyone does who absorbs it and shows the ability to use it. Some people take the advantage of behaving first, because of their tendency for technology using.

2. Long live curiosity

Entrepreneur’s most important characteristics are the ability to catch the thing with his curiosity, which a common person can’t do. Entrepreneur is the one who creates a need with non-existing necessity as well. Entrepreneur does not just “look” also “sees”.

3. “Feeding times“ - three times a day

Entrepreneur has the ability to reach the “novelties” at all times. S/he follows all the trends all over the world and foresees the new business models and how to adopt them to his circles. Entrepreneur creates new ideas, turns them into “projects”. Entrepreneur makes people’s life easier with creating richness in his projects.

4. Entrepreneurs are strategists

Strategy is to find the different path and way. Entrepreneur creates an “economic value” for differing itself from other brands in the same lane and feeds it with strategic ideas and innovations.

5. There is no risk

Entrepreneur should success to remain standing by doing crisis management especially in the tough fast-changing economic conditions of Turkey. Thus, entrepreneur should use “initiative” all the time and not to fear of being mistaken. When the person establishes his own business and starts managing it, he doesn’t see any risk related; he just sees the factors which he can take under control and use for his own advantage.

6. Entrepreneur; as a  ‘every day man’ of his own firm

Entrepreneurs are supposed to be both the working staff and the employer, besides being the boss of the new business. He must be a good manager, good employee and also a good boss. He must shoulder the day to day operation and solve problems when necessary.

7. Optimism is the motto

Entrepreneur’s tendency is making impossible a reality. A successful entrepreneur can’t be the person who sees everything with pink glasses, but he must be the kind of a person who “produces positive ideas” for handling

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