21 Haziran 2016 Salı

Ma and Pa Shop Against Getir!

Getir, enabling orders via smart phones, launched with the slogan “Say getir and we’ll get it there” and it is recently one of the fastest rising brands. Getir provides a service fit for urban life by delivering the orders placed via the app within minutes to the consumer.

Among the products which can be ordered via the Getir app are food and beverages, personal care products, technology products, and many others from various categories. The app fills the gap in the market by addressing the urban consumer’s search for convenience with the variety of its products and speed of service. The urbanites’ busy working hours, their wish to escape the city’s chaos or the traffic as well as the fact that they do not want to step out just to purchase one  item, makes the Getir app appropriate for the urban life.

Since its launch, the brand has grown creating large WOM and was also on billboards for a while with its communication. When we looked at the reactions in social media, we saw that the consumers were pleased with the speed of service, the amiability of the couriers, and with the way products are offered. In addition, the number of clients who benefited from the running campaigns and were satisfied, was quite high.

That is why this month, we conducted research to better understand the perception of the Getir app by the consumer and the usage goals. Our research was held with 200 men and women who reside in Istanbul, aged between 16-45, from ABC1C2 SES groups, who use smart phones and apps, and who shop online.

Among the participants of our research, the percentage of those who had heard about the Getir app was 34%. Among those who heard about the app, the percentage of the 19-34 age group was higher than the 35-45 group. When we asked those who have heard about the app how they have heard about it, the most common answer was via TV ads (35%). This was closely followed by via the circle of friends (28%) and the internet (16%).

Those who use the Getir app, make 16% of those who have heard about it. When the participants who have heard about the app were asked why they do not use it, the answers again lie with our habits:

We still have the habit of going to ma and pa shops and supermarkets. Six out of ten consumers have stated that they “do not need this app”.

We still have barriers to overcome about online shopping: According to 18%, shopping on the internet is not safe.

Another reason to not use the app is the reach problem that the brand can resolve through its operations moving forward: 12% of the participants have stated that they do not use the app “since there is no delivery to where they are”.

When we look at the reasons for using the app, the most common answer is the “7/24 service provided” (55%). Here are the reasons that follow: “It’s practical/at my fingertips” (45%), “no need left to go to the supermarket” (45%), “helps gain time” (27%), “saves you in urgent situations” (18%).

When we question which products were purchased the most, we come across food, beverages, cosmetic products, cleaning products, and ice cream the most. Among the products that they would most like to see on the app are ice cream varieties, baby food, meat and chicken varieties.
When the most frequented time slots of the Getir app were questioned, we found that 64% of the frequency is obtained during evening hours (5:00pm-12:00am). Between 12:00am and 6:00am in the morning follows with a frequency rate of 18%.

When we read the description of the app to those who have not heard about the Getir app before and asked them what they think, 42% said they think it is “a nice app” and 28% said they are going to consider using it. When asked for the reason to consider usage, 38% mentioned that it is “practical”, 32% mentioned that it “provides 7/24 service”, and 30% mentioned that it “helps gain time”.
We observed that “the traceability of the product’s location” creates a significant feeling of trust. The brand can continue to emphasize this functional benefit in its communication.

We can say that with the urbanization trend, the number of people living per square kilometer in cities will increase and the fact that supermarkets are not in every neighborhood, will give way to those ma and pa shops that stay abreast of the trends. Therefore the consumer’s attitude will remain the same in terms of still shopping from the ma and pa shops.

On the other hand, as a novelty of the digital age we are in, brands like Getir.com will continue to enter our lives and provide us with convenience. Moreover, Getir.com is a candidate for changing the behaviour of the group that shops daily instead of storing goods at home and that chooses the neighbourhood shop to do this, without touching their attitudes.

According to the results of the research, Getir.com has the capacity for more interest if improvements like increasing the product range and the number of couriers, are made. Looking at the reasons why the app is preferred, operating in big cities like Ankara and Izmir will benefit the brand once the Istanbul network is established.

In the future, we will continue to see channels such as Getir.com, that change behaviors without focusing on the attitude.

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